Trying to find the hidden treasure of Gunma you do not ride in the guide book。

Gunmaiimonzukan is riding the wave of the times to be deployed on the borderless through the Internet, to informing the charm of the town that you live in the city.

People who see or make the movie, they can both to participate in the beginning of the thing that becomes the leading figure a new era of "attractive and new information". Declining population, low birth rate, ... those result in the "light" in Japan of the future not be said to be super-aging ... never bright it is given to us human "wisdom".

Certainly a conventional manner had gone in the days of mass production and consumption. Service lacking the balance of supply and demand, the goods, will be going to the selection. However, heading a value to every moment of life, there to impress, bring the inspiring "Iimon (good things)" it is supposed to slide into continuing and prosperity.

Please tell us you live a "Iimon" of the town by all means. And, let us help you to tell more people about it. Now, here, polishing the sensitivity to notice "Iimon" in front of the eyes, then divided.

This is the wish of gunmaiimonzukan.

About services

Gunmaiimonzukan will make the introduction of attractive shops and services regardless of the self-appointed recommendation to everybody who got a look at the site to the slogan " Trying to find the hidden treasure of Gunma you do not ride in the guide book". In addition, you can advertise on the site, thing is also possible to put a banner link.

Others, the development of the app, also available system development concerning the troublesome accounting business, and the like. Stores and company menu and business contents of the brochure, also available upon creation of the image video. Management consulting management's own, so we also help to attract customers and sale up by operating agency of the company when ordering, please contact us by all means.

In addition, together with our team, the staff that you want to participate in creative activities, we also accept inquiries from companies that wish to business alliance.

First of all, because it does not matter any questions from the "Contact Us" and we are looking forward to your contact.